Physics Department

Faculty and Staff

Name and Title Email ID Phone Area Code (216)
Dr. Alexander Borisov, Visiting Assistant Professor 687-2430
Dr. Petru Fodor, Associate Professor 523-7520
Dr. Paul Hambourger, Associate Professor Emeritus 687-2439
Dr. Miron Kaufman, Professor 687-2436
Dr. Xiang Li, Assistant Professor 687-2047
Dr. James Lock, Professor Emeritus 687-2420
Dr. Andrew Resnick, Assistant Professor 687-2437
Dr. Kiril Streletzky, Associate Professor 687-2433
Dr. Jacqueline Vitali, Associate Professor 687-2431
Dr. Jearl Walker, Professor   687-2424
Dr. Ulrich Zurcher, Associate Professor 687-2429
Administrative Staff
Dr. Michael Gates, Interim Chair 875-9832
Ms. Tara Peppard, Laboratory Manager 687-2076
Mr. Bryan Carpenter, Electronics Technician 523-7548
Ms. Richelle Emery, Administrative Coordinator 687-2457
Ms. Michelle Jones, Secretary 687-2451
Dr. Thomas Kiovsky 523-7578
Dr. William Zacharias 687-2425
Dr. Alla Zilichikhis 687-2428
Adjunct Faculty
Dr. William Davros, CCF    
Dr. Frank Dong, CCF    
Dr. Andrew Godley, CCF    
Mr. Matthew Kolar, CCF    
Mr. Ashraf Morgan, CCF    
Dr. Gennady Neyman, CCF    
Dr. Douglas Wilkinson, CCF    
Mr. Kevin Wunderle, CCF    
Dr. Tingliang Zhuang, CCF    
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Mailing Address
Cleveland State University
Physics Department,
2121 Euclid Avenue
Science Building
Cleveland, OH 44115
Campus Location
Science Building
Room Number: SI 112
Fax: 216-523-7268

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