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Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences

master in health sciences

The Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences is designed for students who are interested in pursuing a health related career. There are four tracks offered which are designed to help the student prepare to enter a specific health care field, a specific health care area of study, or to develop skills and knowledge that will prepare them to work in health care generally. Students must complete all core courses, specific track requirements, and all university general education requirements in order to earn a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences Degree.


Bachelor of Arts in Speech & Hearing

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speech and hearing

The Speech and Hearing Department offers course work for students who wish to enter the professions of speech-language pathology or audiology. These specialties are concerned with the identification and treatment of communication disorders in humans across the life span.

Speech and hearing are interrelated fields concerned with human communication and require knowledge of biology, psychology, sociology, and linguistics. The program at Cleveland State University provides an excellent preprofessional foundation that prepares students for professional training at the master’s level. Students may also earn an undergraduate minor in Speech and Hearing. This is especially valuable for students majoring in education, special education, or the health-care professions.


Speech & Hearing Minor

master in health sciences

The Speech and Hearing minor provides the student with a foundation regarding the developmental and normative aspects of speech, language, and hearing.  Required courses amount to 18 hours.




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