Cleveland State University

Research Staff

Office of Research

    Jerzy T. Sawicki, Ph.D., P.E., F. ASME
    D.E. Bently and A. Muszynska Endowed Chair and Professor

    Title: Vice President for Research
    Office: Parker Hannifin Hall, PH 203
    Phone: (216) 687-9364
    Serves to advance and identify the University's scholarly productivity by working directly with deans, faculty, staff and students.


    Conor McLennan, Ph.D.
    Associate Professor

    Title: Associate Vice President for Research
    Office: Parker Hannifin Hall, PH 210
    Phone:  (216) 687-5171
    Assists the Vice President for Research by working with deans, faculty, staff, and students to promote CSU's research and scholarly activities


    Joy Yard

    Title: Administrative Assistant
    Office: Parker Hannifin Hall, PH 202
    Phone:  (216) 687-9364
    Provides support for Dr. Jerzy Sawicki.


Sponsored Programs and Research Services

    Teri Kocevar, MAFIS, CRA

    Title: Director, Sponsored Programs
    Office: Parker Hannifin Hall, PH 218
    Phone: (216) 687-3675
    Contact Teri for contract and subcontract preparation and review, policy interpretation, and for assistance with larger, inter-disciplinary proposals.



    Title: Assistant Director, Sponsored Programs


    Barbara Miller-Willis

    Beverly Freeman

    Title: Senior Accountant
    Office: Parker Hannifin Hall, PH 217
    Phone: (216) 687-3696


    Jessica Dlugolinski

    Beth Kenaga, M.S., RLATG

    Title: Animal Research Facility Manager
    Office: Parker Hannifin Hall, 2nd Floor
    Phone: (216) 687-2071
    Contact Beth if you plan to purchase or use animals as part of your research.


    Bernidean Strong

    Title: Budget Coordinator
    Office: Parker Hannifin Hall, PH 215
    Phone: (216) 802-3375
    Contact Bernidean for budget assistance and issues regarding account set-up (sponsor and cost-share), budget revisions, cost allowability, and no-cost extensions.


    Maribel Figueroa

    Title: Administrative Assistant
    Office: Parker Hannifin Hall, PH 218
    Phone: (216) 687-3624
    Contact Maribel for general administrative help related to Sponsored Programs and Research Services.


Technology Transfer Office

    Robert Brown, J.D.

    Title: Director, Technology Transfer
    Office: Parker Hannifin Hall, PH 214
    Phone:  (216) 687-5108
    Contact Robert if you are a University faculty, staff or student who wishes to protect University intellectual property through patents, copyright, or trademark, or if you are a company interested in licensing University intellectual property.


IT Support

    Christopher Pokorny, MCIS

    Title: Applications Developer
    Office: Parker Hannifin Hall, PH 303
    Phone:  (216) 687-9360
    Contact Chris if you are a faculty or staff member from one of the divisions of the Office of Research in need of IT-assistance, application support, or changes made to a website.

Office of Research Organizational Chart