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When do I pay and how much?

Payment in full is required before the semester begins. We understand that making one lump sum payment can be a financial burden, CSU offers an interest free payment plan (commonly called a Budget Payment Plan or a BPP) to help distribute payments over the course of the semester. If you choose to enroll in a payment plan, your payments are due as follows:

Summer 2013 Fall 2013 Spring 2014 Summer 2014

May 13, 2013

August 19, 2013

January 6, 2014

May 12, 2014

June 10, 2013

September 16, 2013

February 10, 2014

June 9, 2014

July 8, 2013

October 14, 2012

March 10, 2014

July 7, 2014


November 11, 2013

April 7, 2014



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Tell me about the Payment Plans.

If a student registers before the first billing cycle each term, the University allows for tuition, fees, health insurance, room and board to be paid in multiple installments, depending on your total account balance.

In the summer, due to the compressed semester schedule, only a three-pay installment plan is available. If you enroll in a payment plan, you'll receive an email notice reminding you of an approaching due date. Please remember to read all your CSU emails timely.

Your first installment payment MUST be made before you can participate in the Budget Payment Plan.  You’re your payment on-line (or in person) and then navigate to the Account tab, then the Payment Plan tab in CampusNet.  You must click the button to accept the terms documented every semester.  Students who have an unpaid prior balance must pay that balance in full PLUS their first installment payment before being able to join the Budget Payment Plan. Instructions are available online on our Budget Payment Plan web page. There is no application fee to join a Budget Payment Plan.

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Can I request an extension of my due date?

Unfortunately, no.  If you are experiencing difficulties with the payment arrangements available, you may be able to enter into a formal payment agreement with the University.  We can offer you additional time to pay off your balance with the understanding that you will not be permitted to register for a future term until your new payment agreement is paid in full.  Our in-house collections staff is available to discuss these options with you.

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Financial Aid

I've applied for enough financial aid to also cover the cost of my books and parking, how do I know when my refund check is being issued?

The first disbursement of financial aid prior to any semester occurs approximately 10 days before the semester begins. This can vary slightly due to the University's Holiday closing schedule. View the academic calendar to determine the first date of disbursement for each term. Your student account will include a line item labeled "Higher 1 ACH 877-327-9515." Your refund will be released based on your refund preference selected through Higher One. We audit every student account to determine that you are eligible to receive a refund.  Please keep in mind that any changes to your academic schedule requires that your account be audited again prior to the release of any refund, this could result in a delay in your refund being issued.  Refunds are authorized to Higher One, our third party contractor, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday of a normal business week.  We do not release refunds on a Monday holiday or adjust this schedule due to a Monday holiday.

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Can you deposit my refund directly into my bank account?

Yes! Cleveland State has partnered with Higher One to offer students a choice in how you receive your refund. Higher One allows each student the option to select direct deposit as their refund preference.  More information regarding Higher One, the authentication process and how to make your refund selection can be viewed from the Refunds/Direct Deposit link on our website.

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How does my Financial Aid get posted to my account and when?

The guarantor, acting on behalf of your lender, sends the funds to CSU. The Financial Aid Office verifies your loan eligibility requirements and disburses the loan within three business days, unless an eligibility requirement is not met. The Office of Treasury Services receives the disbursement and posts the funds to your student account.

The Office of Treasury Services must audit every student account with a credit balance (overpayment). We will confirm your continued eligibility and the accuracy of the amount. Generally, this process takes approximately 5 business days. Any changes to your enrollment can postpone the issuance of your financial aid overaward.

Your refund represents a credit balance on your student account at the time your account was audited.

Refunds are based on enrollment, housing, miscellaneous charges and financial aid at the time the refund is reviewed and processed by University staff.  Any changes in enrollment or your financial aid award status that results in a balance due to the University must be paid in full by the next payment deadline.  Failure to do so will result in a financial hold preventing registration, enrollment changes, the issuance of transcripts / diplomas and may lead to further collection efforts by an outside agency.

By accepting a refund, students agree to abide by the University’s Refund Policy.  More information on the Refund Policy can be found at

Federal financial aid is only applied toward current academic year (Fall/Spring/Summer) charges.  Up to $200 of Federal financial aid can be used to pay a prior academic year account balance.

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Can I use my Financial Aid to pay a balance I owe from a prior year?

Financial Aid covers only the academic year for which it is intended; if you owe from a previous academic year, you must make other arrangements to pay this portion.  Financial aid cannot cover prior academic year charges over $200.

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I don't want to be cancelled and my financial aid isn't here yet. What do I do now?

Cleveland State does not have a cancellation program. Students are financially responsible for making payment to the university for their education. The best option available is to enroll in a payment plan which will defer payment in full. Without a payment plan you will be subject to additional late fees if your financial aid is not received timely. After your loan funds have been applied to your student account, a reimbursement will be issued if there are excess funds. To determine why your financial aid has not disbursed, please visit All-in-1.

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Do my schedule changes (course adds or course drops) impact my Financial Aid?

Yes! Financial aid is based on the number of credits in which you are enrolled. As you add and/or drop classes, your financial aid is adjusted. At the completion of 60% of the semester, your schedule is considered finalized and your financial aid is based on your credit hours at that time. Your aid will not be increased if you add courses after the 60% date. However, you may be responsible for returning aid over awarded to you if you drop classes. Students who withdraw from all their coursework are not eligible for any financial aid. These funds are returned on your behalf to your lender. However, this can often create a debt to Cleveland State that must be repaid immediately. Remember that being able to drop or withdraw from classes on CampusNet does not guarantee a refund of tuition.

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Student Account Information

What is the difference between "dropping" and "withdrawing" from a class?

Students may adjust their schedule (add/drop classes) through the first 7 calendar days of the semester (a shorter window in the summer).  If you change your schedule during this period, you are dropping classes and there is no academic penalty.  Students who drop a course during the first week are eligible for a 100% refund.

After the 7th day of the Fall and Spring semester, any changes to your academic schedule is considered a “withdrawal” and will be noted as such on your official transcripts.  Students who withdraw from a course during week 2-4 of the semester are eligible for a pro-rated refund. Courses that are withdrawn are considered when determining your achievement toward Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) and will be counted in your overall and semester attempted hours.

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What happens if the amount due is not paid by the due date?

Any student who completes registration agrees to pay the University in full. To encourage prompt payment, CSU assesses a $25 penalty for each late or partial payment for those students enrolled in a Budget Payment Plan. For students not enrolled in a payment plan, a $100 late fee is assessed each month your student account remains unpaid. In addition to the late charge penalty, the University will place a "hold" on your student account, which restricts access to the registration system and restricts the release of transcripts and diploma. Students who continue to have an unpaid balance over $1,000 will lose all future (multi-term) enrollment and be prevented from re-enrolling until their balance is paid in full or becomes current (if on a payment plan agreement).

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What happens if I don't pay my bill?

If your do not pay your account balance by the due date, you will begin accumulating late fees on your student account.  These will not be reversed even if you later provide other documentation (such as a sponsorship agreement or a tuition reimbursement contract). After your student account has accumulated 3 late fees, a collection and third party billing fee will be assessed and your account will be forwarded to begin credit bureau reporting.  You cannot receive many other University services, such as transcripts if you have an unpaid balance with the University.

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Why do I have to pay the U-Pass fee? I don't even ride the bus.

The U-Pass fee is assessed automatically to all students taking 1 or more academic credit hours at the main CSU campus. The cost is assessed each semester. The U-Pass program was initiated based on a vote of the student body. If you need to discuss this further, please contact the college Ombudsperson.

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What is considered full time enrollment?

Cleveland State University considers you enrolled full time with 12 credits as an undergraduate, 8 credits as a graduate student, or 12 credits as a Law student. Reducing your number of credit hours below these thresholds may have an effect on your financial aid award and your repayment requirements.

Credits received through audits or test-outs do not count toward enrollment for financial aid.

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What happens if I completely withdraw from all of my classes?

You must repay 100% of the federal, state and institution aid you have been awarded. Refunds are pro-rated based on a published schedule from 100% during the beginning of the semester to 0% after the 4th week. The summer refund schedule is additionally compressed due to the shortened semester length. Exact dates of the refund schedule are published on the Refunds page. Please be aware that the ability to withdraw or drop a class on CampusNet does not correspond to the University’s refund schedule.

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Who can answer questions about my University student account?

All-in-1 is a great place to have general questions answered about your student account, financial aid or your registration. Their office is in the Main Classroom Building in room 116. You can also reach their specialists by calling 216-687-5411 or via email at

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Where are my bills mailed?

Cleveland State no longer mails paper invoices. Students are expected to manage their account status utilizing CampusNet. Click on the Account tab and then on View Account Details. You must pay the Current Billed Amount in full to avoid late payment fees.

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How do I update my email or mailing address?

Although every student is issued a CSU email address, you can very easily forward your CSU email to a different, preferred email account. Log into CampusNet and click on the Personal tab, then on the Email tab.

It's critical that your mailing address is always current and correct. Please check it periodically and update it if you move. Log into CampusNet, click on Personal, then on Personal Data. You can update your address, your phone number and your emergency contacts from this tab.

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I've seen signs for "Check 21," what is it?

The "Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act," also known as "Check 21" has been implemented effective January 2010. Check 21 allows Cleveland State to convert each paper check into a digital image, able to be transmitted electronically to the bank. This means that funds are often debited from your account the same day your check is presented. It is very important therefore, to make sure you have funds available in your account when you present a check as a form of payment.

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