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The CSU Office of Disability Services Instructors Manual will give you a good overview of how the Office of Disability Services (ODS) operates.

The ODS staff are a resource for the whole CSU community, not just students! The ODS staff are available to consult with you regarding disability issues. We are allowed to discuss more specific information about students if there is a legitimate need to know. As faculty, it is important for you to understand how each student learns. Please call if questions arise.

Recommended Course Syllabi Statement

The recommended statement for the CSU course syllabi with regard to students with disabilities is as follows:

Educational access is the provision of classroom accommodations, auxiliary aids and services to ensure equal educational opportunities for all students regardless of their disability. Any student who feels he or she may need an accommodation based on the impact of a disability should contact the Office of Disability Services at (216)687-2015. The Office is located in MC 147. Accommodations need to be requested in advance and will not be granted retroactively.

This statement on the course syllabi affirms the commitment of CSU to uphold our responsibilities under the law. It also welcomes students to feel comfortable in disclosing their needs so that they can meet their educational goals.

Accommodation Memos:

Students with disabilities who have registered with the office are expected to come to the ODS to pick up memos for their faculty that will explain any needed classroom accommodations. Students are asked to hand-deliver those letters to faculty so that they can have a one-on-one discussion about how accommodations will work for each particular class.

Access vs. Success:

Making accommodations and academic adjustments for students is a means of providing access to our curriculum and programs. Students with disabilities may need to do some things differently, but they are still expected to maintain the academic standards of the University. We do not guarantee success—if we provide appropriate access, then each student has the best possibility of achieving their academic goals and demonstrating what they have learned.

Helpful Links:

  • Do-It Faculty Room: The Disabilities, Opportunities, Networking, Technology Faculty Room provides good information about providing accommodations to students with disabilities including a knowledge base of frequent questions.
  • WebAIM Articles: Web Accessibility In Mind provides great information about making web pages and content such as Power Point presentations, PDF's, and Word documents accessible.
  • AHEAD: The Association for Higher Education and Disability is a professional organization dedicated to disability access in colleges and universities.
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