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The financial aid award online shows the types of financial aid and amount of assistance you can expect to receive at CSU for the academic year. If you need assistance with your award online, stop by CSU's Campus411 All-in-1 office, located in Main Classroom, Room 116, or call 216.687.5411 or email

The following information will help you understand your award:

  • Be sure to read all information carefully.
  • Financial aid listed on your award may be provided by a combination of federal, University, state, and private sources. The amount of financial aid offered is determined by the information you supplied on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
  • The financial aid award lists financial aid for the academic year. You need to notify CSU if you receive any additional aid or of any changes in family circumstances.  If adjustments need to be made to the amounts you were offered, a revised award will appear online. Contact Campus411 All-in-1 in Main Classroom, Room 116, or call 216.687.5411 or email
  • If you wish to decline a particular award, you need to that online before accepting the award funds you wish to keep.
  • The estimated cost of education is based on your degree program status (undergraduate, graduate or law) and your housing plans as reported on your FAFSA, indicating where you plan to live during the school year. Visit the Student Consumer Information page,, for complete information about the cost of your education. 
  • You are responsible for notifying CSU of the source and dollar amount of any award you may receive which is not currently listed on the award online. If additional sources of aid will be received, you must contact Campus411 All-in-1 at 216-687-5411.
  • Budget for the entire year and accept your award online in CampusNet.
  • If you are a first-time Federal Stafford Loan borrower at CSU, you must complete loan entrance counseling prior to receiving your first loan disbursement. You must also complete a Master Promissory Note unless you completed one at another institution within the last year.

Changes, Corrections or Special Circumstances

If you have to make corrections or changes to the information, you originally submitted on your FAFSA, this may result in a revision to your financial aid award. If you have unusual circumstances (i.e. loss of job, death of parent, etc.) that you did not report on the FAFSA, or if your family's situation has changed since you completed your application, contact Campus411 All-in-1 in Main Classroom, Room 116, or call 216.687.5411 or email  You may also use the FA Forms for Special Circumstances petition.

Complete Withdrawal

Before you completely withdraw from all of your classes, you need to think about the following items listed below to determine how withdrawing will effect your academic record, financial aid, and student account. Please feel free to print this screen, and use it as a checklist once you have decided to withdraw completely from your courses.

If you have questions about any of the items listed below, please visit a Student Service Specialist in Campus411 All-in-1 for guidance and information.

Academic Record

  • Notation on the Transcript - Withdrawing from your course may cause a "W" grade notation to appear on your transcript. This grade does not affect your GPA, but will affect your completion rate for Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).
  • Unofficial Transcript - If you are withdrawing to attend another college or university, you should print out a copy of your final unofficial transcript from CampusNet for use at the other college/university for advising purposes. You should also request an official final transcript from Cleveland State for admission purposes at your new school.


  • Application Addendum - If you are completely withdrawing during your first semester at Cleveland State, and plan to continue in the subsequent semester, visit Campus411 All-in-1 and complete an application addendum, so that your admission can be reconsidered for the following semester.

Financial Aid

  • Loan Deferment - Withdrawing from all courses will initiate your 6 month grace period for all loans (Stafford and Perkins) borrowed.
  • Financial Aid Return - Withdrawing from all courses may result in a return of financial aid to the Federal Government. This aid includes any grants, scholarships, and loans.  When a financial aid return is initiated, a balance on your account may occur, and you may owe CSU money.  Visit a Specialist in Campus411 All-in-1 to discuss if a financial aid return is inevitable.
  • SAP - Withdrawing from all courses will cause you to fail the 67% completion rate for Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). You will either 1) receive a warning letter at the end of the semester and be placed on financial aid probation for SAP; or 2) if you were already on financial aid probation for the current term, you will need to petition the financial aid to be reinstated.  Financial aid probation is not the same as academic probation-no changes to your GPA or transcript occur as a result of being on financial aid probation. Visit a Specialist in Campus411 All-in-1 to discuss your SAP status.
  • Cancel future Financial Aid - If you withdraw from all classes, and plan to attend another college or university for a subsequent term, then visit Campus411 All-in-1 and have the Student Service Specialist notify the Financial Aid Office to cancel your future financial aid.  Failure to cancel your aid at CSU may prevent you from receiving aid at another institution.
  • Corrections to FAFSA - If you withdraw from all classes, and plan to attend another college or university for a subsequent term, you need to make a correction to your FAFSA, and list the new school on your FAFSA form.  This action will allow your future school to receive your FAFSA information and begin packaging you with aid.  Financial aid does not automatically transfer from one institution to another.

Treasury Services

  • Refund - Based on your withdrawal date, you may be entitled to a refund according to the Refund Policy Schedule of the University.
  • U-Pass - If you withdraw from all of your courses, you must return your U-Pass sticker (if received) to the Cashiers Office, or your account will be charged an additional $425.00.
  • Medical Withdrawal - If you withdraw from all of your courses due to a valid family emergency or medical condition, you may complete an Emergency Tuition Adjustment Form. The onset of your condition must occur after the start of the semester. Note that only one Emergency Tuition Adjustment is granted during your academic career.
  • Account Paid - Make sure your account is paid-in-full to receive any post-services from the University such as your official final transcript.

Payment of Your Tuition Charges and Disbursement of Student Aid

Your initial award is based on full-time enrollment or your actual credit hour enrollment at CSU. Enrollment for financial aid purposes will be confirmed each semester after the last day to drop classes. Changes in your enrollment status could affect your aid. Student financial aid is applied to your account to cover direct educational expenses. If the amount of financial aid you receive exceeds your tuition, fees and other direct educational expenses, the Office of Treasury Services will issue a refund for the credit balance to you. If you have a balance due after your aid has been applied to your account, you may wish to use one of the available payment options.

Financial aid can be used to cover tuition, required fees and residence hall charges. If you decline to authorize financial aid to cover miscellaneous charges to your account (e.g., parking, library fines, late fees), you are responsible for paying such charges independent of any financial aid received.



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