Chemical and Biomedical Engineering Department

Chemical Engineering Program Outcomes

Engineering Programs must demonstrate that their graduates have acquired certain skills and have proficiency in a number of technical areas.

According to ABET Engineering Criteria 2000, Engineering Program must demonstrate that their graduates have the attributes collectively referred to as the Attributes of an Engineer.

Consequently, the ChE Program at CSU aims to graduate Chemical Engineers with a knowledge/understanding of:

  1. Application of Mathematics, Science, and Engineering Principles.
  2. Experimental Design and Experimental Data Collection and Analysis.
  3. Engineering Design. (Chemical Systems, Units, and Processes)
  4. Multidisciplinary Team Work.
  5. Identification, Formulation, and Solution of Engineering Problems.
  6. Professional and Ethical Responsibilities, including Safety and Environmental
    aspects related to Chemical Systems, Units, and Processes.
  7. Effective Communication Skills.
  8. Contemporary Issue and Global/Social Impact of Engineering Solutions.
  9. Need and Ability to engage on Lifelong Learning.
  10. Modern Engineering Practice.
  11. Principles and Working Knowledge of subject areas as defined by the
    Program Criteria of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.

According to the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE), the following program criteria apply to engineering programs including "chemical" and similar modifiers in their titles:
“The program must demonstrate that graduates have: thorough grounding in chemistry and a working knowledge of advanced chemistry such as organic, inorganic, physical, analytical, materials chemistry, or biochemistry, selected as appropriate to the goals of the program; working knowledge, including safety and environmental aspects, of material and energy balances applied to chemical processes; thermodynamics of physical and chemical equilibria; heat, mass, and momentum transfer; chemical reaction engineering; continuous and stage-wise separation operations; process dynamics and control; process design; and appropriate modem experimental and computing techniques.”

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