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Self Study 2010

What is accreditation and what does it have to do with me?

Accreditation is the process whereby an outside organization [North Central Association (NCA) and the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) for Ohio ] certifies a college or university as meeting certain requirements of excellence. Accredited colleges and universities have proven to their peers that they are deeply committed to educational quality and improvement.

What are the HLC and NCA?

NCA is an organization of colleges and universities from 19 states, including Ohio . Cleveland State University is a member of NCA. The HLC is a main division of NCA that accredits member colleges and universities.

History of Cleveland State University Accreditation

CSU was first accredited in 1966 by the NCA.  Our institution was last re-accredited in 2000. 

What does this self study involve?

The self study is a process during which faculty, staff, administrators, and students take a very close look at the entire university, documenting its strengths and its challenges in a written report. The process is divided into 5 phases: 1) organizing the various teams that will collect data to be used in the report and to write the initial drafts, 2) collection of the data, 3) writing of the initial drafts, 4) assimilating the drafts into a large, comprehensive report, 5) dissemination of the draft to the entire University community for feedback, last revisions made, submittal to the HLC.

Who is affected by the Self Study?

All constituents of the University: students, faculty, administration, staff, alumni, and community partners. Not only is feedback essential from all constituents for the writing of the report, but working for or being connected to an accredited university is crucial.

 Here are some related reasons:

  • Quality Education: accredited colleges and universities deliver high quality educational programs.
  • Financial Aid: accredited schools receive student financial aid dollars.
  • Transfer: most schools will only accept transfer credits from an accredited school.
  • Graduate School : most graduate programs will only accept students with degrees from accredited schools.
  • Overall school climate: being associated with an accredited institution of higher education energizes faculty, administrators, staff, and students alike, in ways that support effective teaching and productive learning.

When does CSU submit the report to HLC and what happens next?

The report will be finished, and submitted to HLC by August 2010. Next, a team of Consultant Evaluators, trained to review the self study report, will visit the University in October 2010.  They will interview students, faculty, and staff; read and review documents and data; and tour the campus. The purpose of the visit is to validate the evidence and examples contained in the written report and to make recommendations to HLC concerning continued accreditation.

When will CSU be notified that re-accreditation has been approved by HLC?

During the spring semester of 2011.

Self Study 2010 Steering Committee

Since September 2008, the Self Study 2010 Steering Committee has been meeting on a monthly basis.  The committee is made up of 13 faculty, administrators, and a student representative (click on the following link for information about each member: Steering Committee).

How can I get more involved?

The self study process is meant to reflect the opinions, values, and experiences of all students, faculty, staff, and administrators. In the spring of 2010, a final draft of the self study report will be available to the entire CSU community. We encourage you to read this draft and to provide feedback. In addition, there is representation from the student body on the Self Study Steering Committee. Please contact Marius Boboc or any member of the Steering Committee if you would like more information on how to get involved.


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