Department of Sociology and Criminology


Full-time Faculty Index

Dawn Aliberti (MA, Cleveland State University 2002) College Lecturer.
Interest included: Medical Sociology, Aging/Social Gerontology, Disabilities.
James J. Chriss, Ph.D. James J. Chriss (Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1994) Professor.
Interests include: Social Theory, Sociology of Law, Criminology & Juvenile Delinquency, and Mental Health.
  Linda Francis (Ph.D, Indiana University 1995) Assistant Professor.
Interests include: Sociology of Health/Mental Health, Aging and the Life Course, Qualitative Methods.
Miyuki Fukushima Tedor (Ph.D, Oklahoma 2009) Assistant Professor.
Interests include: Stratification/Mobility, Criminology/Delinquency, Statistics.
Dana J. Hubbard, Ph.D. Dana J. Hubbard (Ph.D., University of Cincinnati, 2002) Associate Professor.
Interests include: Correctional Rehabilitation; Race, Gender, and Crime; Substance Abuse; and Domestic Violence.
Stephanie Kent Stephanie Kent (Ph.D, Ohio State 2005) Associate Professor.
Interests include: Quantitative Methodology, Criminology/Delinquency, Social Control.
Robert Kleidman, Ph.D. Robert Kleidman (Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, 1990) Associate Professor.
Interests include: Political Sociology, Social Movements, Peace and War.
Teresa LaGrange, Ph.D. Teresa LaGrange (Ph.D., University of Alberta, 1996) Vice Provost for Academic Planning.
Interests include: Criminology, Theory, Methods/Statistics.
Philip Manning, Ph.D. Philip Manning (Ph.D., University of Cambridge, 1989) Professor and Chair.
Interests include: Interpreting Everyday Behavior, Social Theory, Drug Abuse.
Peter F. Meiksins, Ph.D. Peter F. Meiksins (Ph.D., York University, 1980) Professor, Honors Program Director.
Interests include: Occupations and Professions,
Inequality, Organizations, Theory.
Calvin Moore Calvin Moore (Ph.D, Boston College 2002) College Associate Lecturer.
Interests include: Criminology/Delinquency, Law and Society, Race Class and Gender.
William R. Morgan, Ph.D. William R. Morgan (Ph.D., University of Chicago,1970) Professor. Associate Dean.
Interests include: Social Psychology, Sociology of Education, Sociology of West Africa.
Wendy Regoeczi, Ph.D. Wendy Regoeczi (Ph.D., University of Toronto, 2001) Associate Professor; Sociology department Graduate Director.
Interests include: Criminology, Violence & Homicide, and Quantitative Methods.
Marnie Salupo Rodriguez, Ph.D. Marnie Salupo Rodriguez (Ph.D., Kent State University, 2004) College Associate Lecturer.
Interests include: Social Inequalities (particularly Race and Gender inequality), Research Methods.
Rongjun Sun, Ph.D. Rongjun Sun (Ph.D., Brown University, 2000) Associate Professor.
Interests include: Aging, Demography, and Research Methods.

Adjunct and Emeritus Faculty

William C. Bailey (Ph.D., Washington State University, 1968) Professor.
Interests include: Crime and Deterrence, Demand for Punishment, Judicial Decision Making and Racial and Gender Inequality in Punishment.

Henry M. Barlow (Ph.D., The Ohio State University,1968) Associate Professor.
Interests include: Social Issues in Health, Aging and Society, Applied Sociology.

Sandra Ezekiel (Ph.D., Kent State University, 1990) Adjunct Professor.
Interests include: Black Studies, Women's Studies, Sociology of Education.

Mareyjoyce Green (M.A., Case Western Reserve University) Associate Professor.
Interests include: Women's Issues, Poverty.

Sarah Matthews (Ph.D., University of California Davis, 1976) Professor.
Interests include: Aging, Gender Roles, Qualitative Methods, and Deviant behavior.

Jetse Sprey (Ph.D., Yale University, 1960). Adjunct Professor.
Interests include: Marriage and Family, Social Theory, Southeast Asia Area Studies, Biosociology.

Hans Nagpaul (Ph.D., Agra University, India, 1972) Professor Emeritus.
Interests include: Legal Profession, Demography, Mega-Cities, Urban sociology, Indian Sociology.

Visiting Scholar

Poonam Bala (Ph.D., University of Edinburgh,UK)
Interests include: Medical Sociology, Social and medical history, women and medicine, colonial and post-colonial history, South Asian history, alternative medicine, community health, development studies.

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