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Letter from the Dean

Greg SadlekWelcome to this first issue of The CLASS Edge, a publication for students in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS). As dean of the college, I would like to welcome you to Cleveland State and wish you success in all your studies this fall. We’re glad you’re here! Students majoring in the fine arts, the humanities, or the social sciences are all members of this college, and the college’s faculty and staff stand ready to support you as you navigate your way toward a college degree. To that end, we are including in this newsletter information that we hope will be useful and interesting to you. We will also be featuring student and alumni success stories, like the one below about Peter Russo, to help encourage you to stay the course in your college studies.

Discussions on the value of a college education, particularly an education in the arts, humanities, and social sciences, have been in the news lately. We believe that an education in the liberal arts is a sound investment. In liberal arts courses, you learn solid, transferrable skills—skills in written and oral communication, problem solving, and critical thinking (to name just a few)—that will serve you well in whatever job you acquire. You will also interact with challenging books, intriguing films, and moving live performances that will enrich your life and broaden your vision—permanently. Moreover, studies by the Association of American Colleges and Universities demonstrate graduates in the liberal arts are less likely than high school graduates to be unemployed and by mid-career are earning salaries equal to those who have earned bachelor degrees in many of the professional or pre-professional areas. But you must finish your degree to realize these benefits! We stand ready to help. 

Stay tuned: there will be many exciting new CLASS developments in the months and years ahead.

The syllabus and what it means to you

A syllabus is a contract between a student and an instructor. It provides each student valuable information and should be read and referred to throughout the semester. Typical components of this document include:

  • Course title, section number, dates and times of class, materials required
  • Instructor’s name and contact information
  • Course description and objectives
  • Expectations
  • Evaluation and grading policy
  • Attendance policy
  • Course calendar and assignment/test dates
  • Additional valuable information to help each student succeed in the course.

Academic Calendar

Find out what you need to know to stay on top this academic year!

What is "Starfish?"

Starfish is an online program that makes it easier for undergraduate students to communicate and make appointments with support services and faculty on campus. Students can access the program by logging in to CSU's CampusNet, choose the "Student" tab, and look in the toolbar at the top for a blue star next to the word "Starfish."

Log in to Starfish to:

  • Find your assigned advisor
  • Look for communication from your support network about your academic progress
  • Schedule an appointment to meet with an advisor or tutor
  • Schedule a tutorial with the Writing Center
  • Schedule Supplemental Instruction (for certain courses)
  • Course Conferences (with participating faculty)

For additional information including a “Starfish Student Getting Started Guide” please visit:

Arts Calendar

Stay connected to the Arts at Cleveland State University!

Scholarship Opportunity for CLASS Undergraduate Students!

Applications are currently being accepted for the CROSSING THE FINISH LINE RETURNING ADULT SCHOLARSHIP!

  • Are you a full- or part-time returning adult student working on your first bachelor's degree?
  • Are you entering your final full-time semester prior to graduating (or within 15 credit hours of finishing your degree)?
  • Would you like to have up to half of your final semester's tuition covered?

If you answered yes to these questions, then the CROSSING THE FINISH LINE RETURNING ADULT SCHOLARSHIP might be for you. Click here for the application, which also contains additional requirements, along with application submission instructions.

Student Success Story—Highlighted Internship!

Peter RussoMeet Peter Russo! Peter is a 2015 CLASS graduate, who received his undergraduate degree in Political Science with a minor in Criminal Justice. Currently, Peter is in his first year at the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law where he is earning his J.D. For the past two summers Peter has had a great internship that has helped prepare him to advance his education and career.

Here’s what Peter had to say...

Where was your internship? The past two summers I did my internship at the City of Middleburg Heights in the Mayor’s Office. My placement was perfect for my bachelor’s in Political Science.

What was the best part of your internship? It was great learning how my future law degree could be utilized. I was exposed to how different areas of the city interacted with each other and was able to sit in on executive meetings. It was also very exciting to learn that the Mayor of Middleburg Heights attended Cleveland-Marshall as well.    

What did you take away from your internship? Working with the City of Middleburg Heights was a great experience because I not only got to see what the Mayor’s Office does but I got to see how other city departments and entities function as well. As a political science major it was exciting to see government in action at the local level. I also gained tremendous insight into how the government works at both the state and national levels.

How did you learn about this internship? Two years ago, I just happened to be speaking to the Mayor himself about political functions and learned of the internship though him. I just finished my second summer interning in the Mayor’s Office and it has been a great experience!

Interested in an internship through CSU? Please visit Career Services for more information.


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