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Established in 1976, the Communication Research Center at Cleveland State University is a full-service research facility that serves as a hub for interdisciplinary research and collaboration. (See our Mission Statement) The CRC supports the academic research efforts of the nationally-ranked Department of Communication at Cleveland State University, and is also available for contract and grant projects by non-profit and for-profit organizations. (See examples of Past Projects) The CRC has completed scores of academic and applied projects, ranging from CATI and on-line surveys to focus group sessions, training seminars, and experimental studies. The Center provides a unique opportunity for the uniting of world-class scholars with representatives of community businesses and organizations with social research needs.

Our facilities are capable of hosting numerous research activities, from the smallest focus group to a group meeting of over 200 people. The CRC prides itself in keeping up to date on developing research techniques and technologies. The Cleveland State Communication department is nationally ranked and the CRC facilities continue to strive towards the goal of excellence.

The CRC Facilities Include:

  • A ten computer CATI (Computer Aided Telephone Interview) lab, available for nationwide telephone interviews.
  • A content analysis facility, where videos may be viewed in privacy.
  • High Definition viewing rooms, set up to simulate normal home viewing. These rooms may also be used for DVD viewing and other new technology research.
  • A 200 seat auditorium. (8,250 square feet)
  • Conference rooms ranging in size from 170 to 370 square feet, equipped with audio/video recording devices, and 1-way viewing mirrors for observation needs.
  • Twelve small group rooms ranging in size from 145 to 400 square feet, available for meetings or any other small group needs.
  • Multimedia classrooms for groups of 20 to 40.

To find out about all of our other facilities, check here.


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