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B.A. in Communication

From television to the Internet to conversations between doctors and patients, communication plays a major role in contemporary society. The School of Communication introduces students to the study of communication, with courses emphasizing the effects of communication on everyday life, dynamics of interpersonal relationships, and career-related skills. Students take courses from a nationally-ranked faculty. They gain an appreciation for the social scientific study of communication and obtain training in public speaking, news writing, and film production. The School is a hub of activity, with a laboratory newspaper, digital video communication center, communication research center and a theater arts building.

Official Course Requirements and Courses Offered (as listed in the Course Catalog)

Deciding what classes to register for? Preparing for graduation? Download our easy-to-use checklist for the B.A. in Communication (valid beginning Fall, 2010) to make sure you are on the right track!

For Advising in this major, contact any of the faculty in your area of interest or call 216.687.4630 to be connected with an available advisor.

Communication Minor

Minor Course Requirements (as listed in the Course Catalog)

Don't forget to download the checklist for the Communication Minor to keep track of the classes you need.

Why Major or Minor in Communication?

Pursuing studies in communication provides students with a critical understanding of the complex, vital role that communication plays in contemporary life. Course-work offers students a host of intellectual, problem-solving, and career-related skills. In contemporary society, which is characterized by a dazzling array of new technologies, rapid social change, instant messaging, and dynamic interpersonal relationships, it is imperative that students appreciate the ways communication influences everyday life. Students who obtain a major in communication will take classes from a nationally ranked faculty and gain exposure to communication speciatlists who work in public and private sector jobs in Northeast Ohio. The major lays a strong general foundation in communication processes and effects.

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