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The creation of art and the study of its history are complementary activities that deepen a student's understanding of the aspirations of humankind. To develop both artistic skills and critical appreciation of art, the Art Department offers a broad range of courses in studio art, art history, and art education for both non-majors and majors. The Art Department also offers a minor. Art Department courses can be taken for personal enrichment, to fulfill university and college graduation requirements, and to prepare for advanced graduate-level study.

The course offerings are wide-ranging. For example, in studio art a student can select foundation courses in basic design and drawing, then more specialized studies of drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography, ceramics, and computer graphics. In art history, there is an introductory course in art appreciation and surveys of world art, including Western, Asian, and African art. More specialized studies include courses in ancient, Medieval, Renaissance, and modern art; Indian, American and African-American art; Western architecture, cities and planning; and Cleveland's urban environment. Art education offers a course that examines assessment models, and another course that studies art instruction and philosophy in different socio-vocational contexts. By selecting from these offerings, students can pursue a program of study for their general knowledge, professional career, or graduate work.

With the counsel of a faculty adviser in the Art Department, students wishing to major in art may elect a program from one of three curricular options: studio art, art history, and art education. For the Bachelor of Arts degree, all art majors are required to take a core curriculum of subjects for general preparation and additional hours of upper-level courses for diversification.

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