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The Art Gallery is the exhibition space on the ground floor of the Art Building. The exhibition space includes the main Art Gallery, and two adjunct galleries, Gallery C, and Gallery B. The gallery program features art exhibitions of work by artists of national and international reputation, and related educational programs including publications, lectures, and guided tours. Community based exhibitions, student shows, and exhibitions dealing with important social and critical issues are included in the gallery program.

In addition to leaming from the art works on display, students get an opportunity to gain professional experience, and to leam job skills in the museum field, administration of non- profit organizations, as well as knowledge about the art market and the business of art.

The Art Gallery is widely recognized as a major contributor to the cultural life in the region, with an annual attendance from Ohio, the United States, and abroad. The Art Gallery is funded by Cleveland State University with support from the Ohio Art Council, philanthropic foundations, and the Friends of the Art Gallery.

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Administrative and Class Location
The Middough Building
1901 E. 13th Street
Cleveland, OH 44114
Mailing Address Location
CSU Department of Art
2121 Euclid Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44115
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