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Viking Pride : Monthly News and Views for CSU Alumni and Friends

January 2014

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From Holiday Inn to Health Sciences hotspot

On December 9, CSU broke ground on the former hotel-turned-residence-hall for our new $45 million Health Sciences Building, where future doctors, pharmacists, nurses and other health professionals will learn to work together at the forefront of healthcare education and research. Even Mayor Frank Jackson pitched in to help celebrate.

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Talks to jaguars. Guards national treasures. Unearths rare finds. Oh yeah, teaches too.

Dr. Peter Dunham is the recipient of CSU's highest faculty award, the Jennie Hwang.

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See the beast that ate Rascal House!

After 43 years, Rascal House relocated to make way for our new Health Sciences building. It reopened just a couple of blocks up Euclid, across from the College of Law. Watch a high-speed demo and enjoy some tasty tidbits about a campus icon.

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Was it the disco ball?
What's your favorite Rascal House memory? Tell us.

Wanted: 50 fabulous alumni

We know you're out there – in the arts, engineering, healthcare, law, science, business and so much more. Tell us who should be featured and represent the Viking Nation as part of CSU's 50th anniversary this fall!

Congratulations, recent graduates!

To quote Dr. Seuss: "And will you succeed? Yes! You will, indeed! (98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed.)" Welcome to the Alumni Association!

  From the Executive Director

Brian's Corner:
I'm 50!

I recently turned 50! There...I put it out there. My inclination is to make some snide remark like "50 is the new 30." Those of you over 50 would know better, and those under can't be fooled that easily. Read more.

Top Headlines

Famed civil rights leader John Lewis urges CSU grads "to get into good trouble"

6 Words

Are you still keeping your New Year's resolutions? If so, share with us, in 6 words, why resolutions are important to you.

6 Words

Update your info for the 50th Anniversary Alumni directory

Don't miss out on the perks of being a CSU grad. Stay connected and verify your alumni data now!

This little piggy takes a selfie

Enjoy a chuckle, a fond memory, a fun look at campus today and much more, shared with friends. We're adding new Facebook content to keep it fresh and interesting, and welcome your feedback. Connect here!

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These alums make sweet treats that can't be beat!

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College Corner

Flattery, thy name is mobile

Minneapolis joins a growing list of cities that created their own version of a popular app about Cleveland history, the brainchild of CSU History profs Mark Tebeau and Mark Souther. See it here.

  On the Road

Viking Nation invades Wildcat Country

We recently traveled to Lexington, Kentucky visiting famous Thoroughbread farms, a distillery and cheering for our men's bastketball team as they took on the University of Kentucky. Click here for photos.

  To See and Do

Chinese New Year Gala (hosted by CSU's Confucius Institute)
February 8
Cleveland Masonic and Performing Arts Center

February 27 - March 9
CSU Arts Campus, Allen Theatre Second Stage at PlayhouseSquare

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Spring semester just started at CSU, and you know that always means buying textbooks.

Many of you remember that experience, though in a different place from today's students. Behold. The former CSU bookstore. Let the memories begin.

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