Welcome students, faculty and staff to our Fall 2017 semester! As summer winds down, we take time to recognize the tremendous contribution the College of Sciences and Health Professions (COSHP) is making to education, research and community service. It is also my pleasure to introduce the Dean’s Dialogue. In this issue of the newsletter, four students and alumni share their aspirations, successes and advice, and talk about their own unique experience as a student at COSHP.

Trevor Ngalla, Health Science major Mark Biro, BS Biology,
Summa Cum Laude (2013)
Lauren Mesaros, BS Health Sciences, Cum Laude (2015) Tom Hopkins, MA Psychology (1982)

Getting students med school ready

COSHP’s Coordinator for Pre-Professional Health Programs, Brittany Wampler, has helped hundreds of students get into health professions’ schools such as Medical School, Dental School, Physician Assistant school. Results have been dramatic - last year, nearly 75 % of CSU students who worked with the Office of Pre-professional health programs and applied to health professions’ schools were accepted, compared to an acceptance rate of less than 50 percent nationwide! Today, Brittany and Megan Carbone serve over 1100 students aspiring to careers in health professions. Learn more

Turning seniors into gamers

Researchers in COSHP’s physical therapy (PT) program are working to turn an unlikely group — senior citizens — into "gamers," in an effort to enhance rehabilitation and improve socialization. PT professors Deborah Espy and Ann Reinthal are testing multiple games and platforms with patients suffering from arthritis, strokes and other mobility issues, in order to assess the impact gaming has on balance, motor skills and hand eye coordination. Read more

Promoting positive mental health to help youth succeed

Professor of Occupational Therapy (OT) Susan Bazyk’s “Every Moment Count initiative” builds capacity of occupational therapists and school personnel to promote positive mental health to help youth succeed in school, at home, and in the community. Originally funded by the Ohio Department of Education, this multi-pronged grassroots initiative focuses on building capacity of occupational therapists and school personnel in applying a public health approach to mental health by embedding promotion, prevention and intervention strategies. Read more

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