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Colleges: Submitting Courses for Approval under the New General Education Requirements

  1. Determine the most appropriate designation for your course (e.g. Arts and Humanities, Natural Sciences, African-American Experience, WAC, etc).
  2. Determine which check sheets you will need to submit. Courses submitted under the categories of Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, African-American Experience, and US Diversity are also required to promote at least two of six skill areas (Writing, Oral Communication, Quantitative Literacy, Group Work, Critical Thinking, Information Literacy) and submit the relevant check sheets. Please note that with the exception of WAC, SPAC, and Capstone courses, courses may only be approved in one area.
  3. Prepare your syllabus and the answers to the questions on the check sheets. Your syllabus must include a statement of the criteria which your course is intended to fulfill.
  4. Prepare your documents for submission. What you will need to submit:
    1. Course syllabus.
    2. Check sheets and answers to the questions on the check sheets for each relevant area of the new General Education requirements.
  5. If you are only submitting an existing course for re-certification under Gen Ed 08, you can submit your materials directly to the UCC. If there are any additional changes to the course (e.g. credit hours, catalog description, etc) or if it is a new course, it must also be submitted to the appropriate college curriculum committee.


For all questions please contact Dr Peter Meiksins, Interim Vice-Provost for Academic Programs or phone 216-875-9732

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