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A central part of the Freshman Year Experience is the Introduction to University Life (ASC 101, BUS 101, ESC 100, HON 101). ASC 101 TextbookThe Introduction to University Life Course covers information that enhances student's understanding of higher education and transitioning from high school to college. Special emphasis is placed on the nature and the value of a college education in relationship to one's intellectual development, degree attainment, career success, and quality of life.

Through this course, students:

  • Learn about the University
  • Develop strategies that enhance important skills such as critical thinking, writing, test-taking, career exploration, and time management
  • Understand faculty expectations for the classroom, various learning and teaching styles, and University policies and procedures pertaining to students
  • Build collaborative learning skills and form a strong peer network by participating in group discussions, presentations, and activities designed to foster greater self-confidence, academic success, appreciation of diversity, civility, and retention

For all questions please contact Claudia Lilie, Coordinator First Year Experience at 216-687-3734 or

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Dr Peter Meiksins
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