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Degree Audit

Degree Audit is an advising tool for Cleveland State students and advisors. Degree Audit is found in CampusNet. This feature enables students to work with their academic advisors in planning their schedules, registering for classes, and completing their degree for graduation. Through Degree Audit, students can easily access summaries of requirements already completed and requirements still needed to graduate.

Access to Degree Audit

Students and advisors can access Degree Audit simply by logging in to CampusNet. Training manuals are available for download for students and advisors.

General FAQs

What is Degree Audit?

Degree Audit is an advising tool. It shows a student’s progress towards meeting the requirements in three of the main components that make up any degree at CSU: university, college and major requirements. It outlines each requirement and shows the courses that a student has taken up to that point that meet the requirement. Students with an incomplete requirement can click on a link that will show them a list of courses they can do that will meet the requirement.

How do I access Degree Audit?

Degree Audit can be accessed both on and off campus through CampusNet. Go directly to CampusNet at

Student FAQs

Why are courses I took prior to 1998 not included on my Degree Audit?

Degree Audit does not assess course information prior to Fall 1998 due to Cleveland State’s conversion from quarters to semesters. If you have coursework dated prior to Fall 1998, please use the '@sk a Question' feature to initiate this process. Click on the @sk a Question icon and select Pre-1998 in the subject line. The office of the University Registrar will respond within 24-48 hours.

Why isn’t my Degree Audit showing the courses needed for my certificate or licensure?

Currently, licensure and certificate programs are not included in Degree Audit. If you are enrolled in a licensure or certificate program, contact your academic advisor for advice on degree progress.

One of my courses is missing from my Degree Audit or is not counted as meeting the requirement.

Degree Audit is a tool for students and advisors to see which requirements have been completed and which requirements are still incomplete. Exceptions might occur throughout a student’s career. Please see your college or major advisor as soon as possible if you believe there is an error on your Degree Audit.

Can Degree Audit tell me if I am eligible to graduate?

Eligibility to graduate is determined by completing and submitting an application to graduate. Approval for graduation is confirmed by the Office of the University Registrar after consultation with your college and department. Degree Audit can help you and your advisor assess progress towards your degree, however, it is not a graduation audit. It is intended as a guide to where a student stands on completion of their degree but it does not replace the counseling that students receive from their advisors. Students should meet with their advisors regularly to discuss their progress and get advice on the best path to success in their studies.

My major in Degree Audit is wrong. How do I change it?

If your major in Degree Audit is incorrect, you must complete the Declaration/Change of Major form at Obtain the appropriate signatures from your college/department and submit the form to Office of the University Registrar.

I took three years of foreign language in high school but Degree Audit says I have not completed the foreign language requirement. What should I do?

If CSU does not have an official copy of your final high school transcript you cannot receive credit for completion of the foreign language requirement. You must contact your high school and request for your final official transcript to be sent to the Office of the University Registrar.

I had one of my degree requirements waived by my department/college but Degree Audit is not taking this into account. What should I do?

Currently, academic exceptions (such as course waivers or petitions) are not included in Degree Audit although it is planned to introduce functionality to do this in the future. Contact your academic advisor for advice on degree progress.

  • The ability for advisors to make adjustments to a student’s Degree Audit is currently in development and will be available in the future.

Why are there courses missing from my Degree Audit?

  • There are various reasons a course may not appear on your Degree Audit. Most commonly, if you have taken more electives than required by your major, only the required number of elective courses will appear sorted by the highest grades.
  • Transfer credit is awarded by transfer credit evaluators in the Office of the University of the Registrar upon your acceptance to CSU. Any credit evaluated by your department may not appear on your Degree Audit if it was not evaluated similarly by our transfer credit evaluators. Please see your advisor if you believe this has occurred.
  • If the course is a general education requirement or major requirement requiring a C grade or better, the course will not appear in your Degree Audit if you did not earn a C or better.

The requirements for my major have changed and Degree Audit is showing the old requirements.

Students' catalog rights are based on the term in which they were admitted to CSU. If the requirements of your major have changed, you can choose to change your catalog rights and thereby follow the new requirements. Please see the Office of the University Registrar.

Advisor FAQs

I have waived a requirement or course for a student based on their transfer credit, life experience, etc. How do I change this in degree audit?

Currently, academic exceptions (such as course waivers or petitions) are not included in Degree Audit although it is planned to introduce functionality to do this in the future.

I believe I have found an error or missing course on my student’s Degree Audit.

Any questions or errors should be referred to the Office of the University Registrar through CampusNet by clicking on “Ask a Question” at the top of the Degree Audit.